NW Summer Intensives

NW Summer Intensives

The Washington School of Ballet provides a safe, nurturing environment enabling each student to explore their technical and artistic capabilities. Our mission is to inspire the next generation of young dancers to grow and expand to their full potential.

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Read the feature on our Summer Intensive in Dance Magazine:

NW Upper, Pre-Professional, Trainee Divisions (Levels 4 through 9): June 22 – July 24, 2020

The Washington School of Ballet’s Summer Intensive gives students from around the world the opportunity to study with our acclaimed full-year faculty including members of The Washington Ballet Company artistic staff and Artistic Director Julie Kent. Men’s division classes are led by Rinat Imaev, Rolando Sarabia, and Mimmo Miccolis. The Summer Intensive offers a five-week course for The Upper Division.

Learn more about TWSB leadership and faculty.

Classes include: classical ballet technique, pointe work, variations, pas de deux, men’s technique, flamenco, character, jazz, contemporary, pilates, and student choreography.

The Washington School of Ballet provides a housing option for Summer Intensive students at American University, just a mile away. It is not required that students live at the dorm, although it is highly recommended due to the rich experience of cultural excursions, outings and the companionship of peers from around the world. Students must be age 13 by the start of the program in order to reside at American University dormitories. Students are guided by our talented chaperones (21 or older) who are all current or previous professional dancers.

As a part of the Summer Intensive, students will have the opportunity to learn repertoire and be a part of a culminating performance in the fifth week, which will highlight each level’s accomplishments.

Levels are not determined at the time of audition; all attending students will have placement classes on the first day of the program. While the classes will be arranged by age, placement is based on technical ability and appropriate strength for syllabus material.

Tuition for the five-week program, Levels 4-9: $2,800

Chaperoned Housing for the five-week program (13 and up): $2,650

Students are accepted into The Washington School of Ballet’s Summer Intensive by audition only. Audition classes will take place in various cities in the US and at The Washington Ballet Main Building. These auditions are targeted to students ages 13-22, yet we will audition and consider students ages 11-12 (ladies with one year of pointe), for the program ONLY – housing is NOT provided for students younger than 13 years of age at the beginning of the Summer Intensive.

Audition tour requirements: completed online audition registration, two photographs (headshot and first arabesque).

For more information please contact Donna Glover, Director of School Operations.

NW Lower Division (Levels 1A, 1B, 2 & 3): June 22 – July 17, 2020

The NW Lower Division Summer is a program specially designed with the young dancer in mind. The impressive four week program is taught by TWSB’s esteemed faculty. Classes in Levels 1A, 1B, and Level 2 meet early evening to allow students to attend other programs. Summer study builds on student’s technique, strengthens syllabus concepts, and sustains important muscle memory.

Class Schedules:
Level 1A: Monday-Thursday, 6:15-7:30PM
Level 1B – Monday-Thursday, 5:45-7:00PM
Level 2: Monday-Thursday, 5:00-7:30PM. Classes in Level 2 include ballet technique, character, and conditioning.
Level 3 Summer Intensive – Monday – Thursday 9:30-4:30 Friday 9:30 – 3:00. Classes in Level 3 include ballet technique, flamenco, ballet repertoire, contemporary, and conditioning.

Auditions: Saturday, February 22, 2020 at the Main Building, 3515 Wisconsin Ave, NW
Ages 7 – 8: 2:30-3:15PM
Ages 9 – 11: 3:30-4:15PM

Register to Audition

For questions or more information regarding the TWSB Lower Division Summer Intensive programs, please contact Alexandra Schools, Lower Division School Manager.

Students currently enrolled in The Washington School of Ballet’s school year DO NOT need to audition for the summer intensive. Current TWSB parents, please check your Parent Portal for registration.  All students will continue at their current level for the Summer Intensive.

NW Two-Week Summer Intensive 2020: July 27 – August 7, 2020

Students may sign-up one week at a time, or for a fuller experience, register for both weeks.
Intermediate Level, ages 13-19 (ladies must have TWO years of pointe work training)
Tuition for two weeks: $1,250
Tuition for one week: $650

Under the supervision of Kristina Windom, Upper Division Head, the Two-Week Summer Intensive focuses on classical training with an emphasis on proper execution and precision. The goal of each instructor is to introduce new pathways of learning that offer more options for the individual student. Every student learns at a different pace and has a different body; there are different ways to achieve the required outcome for a work of choreography.

Each morning will begin with body conditioning, (working towards proper alignment, coordination, and kinetic ability), ballet technique, pointe, men’s class, contemporary, flamenco, and finishing the day learning repertoire.

Students may audition in person (check audition touring schedule) at regional auditions or submit a video audition on our online audition registration site. The video audition deadline for the Two-Week Summer Intensive is the first week of July. All students must pre-register first if attending/auditioning in person for the Two-Week Summer Intensive.

Register to Audition

For enrollment and more information, please call 202.362.3606 x157 or email Kristy Windom and in the subject line please, include “Two-Week Summer Intensive.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Washington School of Ballet (TWSB) offers a five-week intensive (June 22 – July 24, 2020). The five-week intensive focuses on various components of ballet technique with different dance styles to complement training (such as flamenco and/or contemporary). In addition, there is a cumulative performance at the end of the five-week intensive. TWSB also offers a four-week lower level intensive (June 22- July 17, 2020) for ages 6-10. This particular intensive gives the younger student an extra leg up on their ballet technique when returning to dance in the fall. It focuses on correct ballet placement and strength along with introducing alternative dance styles such as jazz and character. There is also a two-week Intensive (July 27-August 7, 2020) for the intermediate dancer ages 14 to 19, with no emphasis on performing – allowing the student to focus on correct ballet technique in a nurturing environment.

Students must audition for the five-week Intensive by attending one of our audition classes (please view the NW 2020 Audition Tour tab for cities and dates) or via video submission (please view the NW Summer Audition tab for details).  Auditions for the two-week Intermediate Summer Intensive requires audition in person at one of the audition tour cities or by video submission. The two-week Intermediate Intensive student must have at least two years of pointe technique.

Housing accommodations are offered for the five-week intensive only and students accepted into the program must be 13 years old by June 22, 2020. We are happy to suggest places to stay in the area if you are interested in the two-week intensive but we do not offer this housing option.

American University provides a shuttle from the entrance of Centennial Hall to Wisconsin Ave. Students then travel by public bus for one mile down Wisconsin Ave to TWSB. Students must always travel in groups of three or more and are checked in and out by our chaperones.

No. The neighborhood around the dorms and the school offer so many dining options that our students choose not to limit themselves to the meal plan offered by AU (which is non-refundable). Most students select daily meals from Whole Foods at the shuttle stop.

Yes. Approximately one chaperone for every 12 students, each is over 21 and has professional dance experience. Our chaperones help us provide a safe experience and can offer dance guidance.

Only the two-week Intensive offers a week-by-week work schedule. You may register for one or two weeks of the intermediate intensive but students must sign up for the full five- or four-week program if they choose this training option.

The five- and four-week Intensives offer a cumulative performance at TWSB’s main campus for parents at the end of the intensive. The two-week Intensive offers Friday Parent Observation Days, allowing the parents access to watch throughout the students’ day.

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NW Audition Tour

NW 2020 Audition Tour

The NW audition tour for 2020 has ended. However, we are accepting video auditions through April 18.

Audition by Video

Please note that there is a $35 audition fee

January 5: Ballet Center of Houston, Houston, TX
Registration time: 1:00PM. Audition time: 1:30-3:30PM

January 5: Harid Conservatory, Boca Raton, FL
Registration time: 1:30PM. Audition time: 2:00-4:00PM

January 11: Joffrey Chicago, Chicago, IL
Registration time: 5:00PM. Audition time: 5:30-7:30PM.

January 11: Boston Ballet, Boston, MA
Registration time: 2:30PM. Audition time: 3:00-5:00PM.

January 12: Atlanta Ballet, Atlanta, GA
Registration time: 10:30AM. Audition time: 11:00AM-1:00PM.

January 18: The Washington Ballet, Washington, DC
Ages 11-15, Registration time: 1:30PM. Audition Time: 2:30PM.
Ages 16+, Registration time: 1:30PM. Audition time: 2:30PM.

January 18: San Diego Ballet, San Diego, CA
Registration time: 12:00PM. Audition time: 12:30-2:00PM.

January 19: Festival Ballet, Orange County, CA
Registration time: 10:30AM. Audition time: 11:00AM-1:00PM.

January 20: Colorado Ballet, Denver, CO
Registration time: 12:00PM. Audition time: 12:30-2:30PM.

January 25: American Ballet Theatre, New York, NY
Registration time: 9:30AM. Audition time: 10:00AM-12:00PM.

January 26: Nashville Ballet, Nashville, TN
Registration time: 10:00AM. Audition time: 10:30AM-12:30PM.

January 26: Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA
Registration time: 9:30AM. Audition time: 10:00AM-12:00PM.

February 1: American Repertory Ballet, Princeton, NJ
Registration time: 2:15PM. Audition time: 2:45-4:45PM.

February 2: UNCSA, Winston-Salem, NC
Registration time: 8:30AM. Audition time: 9:00-11:00AM.

For more information, email kwindom@washingtonballet.org.

TWSB’s Summer Intensive Audition Tour is sponsored by

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NW Video Auditions

Video Auditions

Accepting Video Auditions Through April 18, 2020!

If you are unable to attend one of our auditions during the 2020 Audition Tour, you may submit a video audition by following these steps:

  • Register for Video Auditions on the online registration portal.
  • Submit the $40 registration fee.
  • Email your audition video to Donna Glover.
  • The deadline for video submissions is April 18, 2020.

Video Audition Guidelines:
Your recorded audition should be NO LONGER THAN 10 minutes and please include the following in your audition:

  • Introduction: name, age, years and place of study.
  • Only one side of combinations at the barre and include: plies, battement tendu, adagio, grand battement.
  • In center (ladies on pointe) adagio, pirouettes en dehors and dedans, petit allegro, grand allegro and a variation of choice. Gentlemen include tour en l’air (single or double depending on your age and ability level) and allegro that includes beats and grand pirouettes.

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SE Summer Intensive and Evening Programs

SE Summer Intensive Day and Evening Programs

June 29-July 24, 2020

Photo by Kelsey Arrington

View the SE Summer Audition Schedule Download the SE Summer Intensive Brochure

Summer Intensive Day Program

Monday – Friday, 9:00AM to 4:30PM
Auditions required for NEW students
Ages 10 and up with at least two years of ballet training

The Washington School of Ballet’s SE campus offers an advanced and technically challenging summer intensive for invested dancers who would like to strengthen their ballet skills and explore other dance genres. The program is a fast-paced, four-week intensive which operates from 9:00AM–4:30PM daily, Monday through Friday and includes breakfast and lunch.

Three levels of The Washington School of Ballet syllabus are offered during the day program: Level 2, Level 3, and Levels 4 and 5.

Classes may include ballet technique, pointe, variations, repertory, musical theater jazz, modern, and flamenco. All levels will have body conditioning classes to increase both strength and flexibility for dance. In addition to comprehensive technical training, students will explore creating through composition classes that are mentored by The Washington School of Ballet faculty. The dancers will also have the unique opportunity to study other Art disciplines with THEARC partners: Levine Music and ArtReach, gardening, nutrition, and food preparation with THEARC Farm and DC Central Kitchen. A limited number of before and after-care slots are available to The Washington School of Ballet SE Campus students in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club at THEARC. Students may be dropped off as early as 7:00AM and picked up by 6:00PM.

Summer Day Intensive Performance:
Friday, July 24, 2020
THEARC Theater
Doors Open: 1:00PM
Show Begins: 1:30PM

Summer Intensive Evening Program

Monday – Friday, class times vary
Auditions required for NEW students
Ages 4 – 18

Pre-ballet 1, 2, and 3 take the young dancers aged 4 – 7 through introductory ballet steps, creative movement, and flexibility and strength training to prepare them for future study.

Level 1A/Level 1 Foundation/Level 1B
Level 1 Foundation is an introductory ballet class for ages 8-10 that enables dancers with little to no experience to train in foundational classical ballet technique.
Level 1A provides young dancers with prior experience a strong base in ballet technique and builds on the pre-ballet curriculum with more complex technique, coordination, and motor skill development.

Level 1B continues to develop a classical ballet foundation with more repetitive work and complexity to build strength.

Teen Program

Teen Ballet A is designed for students with limited or no prior experience. Course study includes both ballet and body conditioning to build a strong base of technique.

Teen Ballet B takes student’s ballet technique further with increased frequency of classes and level of difficulty. Students in Teen B add body conditioning and the contemporary genres of dance with twice weekly classes in both jazz and modern.

Audition & Tuition Information

Auditions take place during regularly scheduled classes. Teachers will evaluate prospective students and place them in the summer day or evening programs. Placement in TWSB SE summer dance intensive is based upon the instructor’s discretion.


For students aged 4 & up, auditions are: February 16, March 29, May 23, June 20, 2020.

View the SE Summer Audition Schedule

A non-refundable audition fee of $20 is due at the time of the audition. All students must come dressed in ballet or form-fitting attire and girls must have their hair in a bun.


TWSB SE uses a sliding fee scale based on household income and family size to determine tuition.

  • Summer Intensive Day Program tuition ranges from $150–$1650
  • Summer Intensive Evening Program tuition ranges from $50–$660

The SE Summer Program tuition deadline is Friday, June 26, 2020. Payment arrangements are available. To receive tuition quotes please contact TWSB SE at 202.889.8150.

Faculty and Guests for The Washington School of Ballet SE Campus Intensive (subject to change):

  • Julie Kent, Artistic Director The Washington Ballet, Principal Dancer American Ballet Theatre
  • Xiomara Reyes, Professional Training Division Head, The Washington School of Ballet, Principal Dancer American Ballet Theatre
  • Monica Stephenson, Head of School SE Campus, Former Dancer The Washington Ballet, Dance Theatre of Harlem Ensemble, Los Angeles Ballet
  • Damien Johnson, Former Dancer Los Angeles Ballet, Ballet Black, The Suzanne Farrell Ballet
  • Dmitriy Vistoropskiy, Former Dancer National Opera and Ballet Astana, Kazakhastan

Faculty Members: Margaret Williamson, DeMoya Watson-Brown, Robbin Tasha-Ford, Jennifer Buchanan, Therese Gahl, Da’Shown Rawl, Katherine Smith, Lori Clark, Christy Bartholomew, Yaa Faulk, Alice Howes, and special guests.

For additional questions in regards to TWSB SE Summer Intensive Program, please contact:

Kayla DeShields, SE Campus School Manager, at 202.889.8150 x168 or kdeshields@washingtonballet.org


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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost for the Summer Dance Program is based on seven payment groups ranging from $150-$1650 per child. Payment plans are available. A non-refundable fee is due at the time of audition.

There will be a culminating event on the last day of the intensive. Students of all levels will perform. Parents and guardians are invited to attend this showing.

Please make arrangements to pick up your child by 3:30PM each day. Only parents or designated adults are allowed to sign-out their children. A 15-minute grace period is allowed; parents will be charged $1 per minute past the grace period.

The Boys and Girls Club offers a limited number of discounted slots for families interested in before and after care. If interested, contact The Boys and Girls Club at 202.610.9707. Children may be at the facility as early as 7AM for before care, and from 3-6PM for after care.

The dress code during the Summer Day Program is as follows:

Girls: Any solid colored leotard, pink convertible ballet tights and pink leather ballet slippers (pointe shoes for Levels 3+)

Boys: White leotard, grey tights, white socks, and ballet slippers.

Students are also required to purchase a black leotard, black jazz pants and black jazz shoes (no jazz sneakers). Students taking African dance will be required to purchase a Lappa.

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SE Auditions

SE Auditions

Photo by Kelsey Arrington

2020 Summer Audition Dates and Times

February 16, March 29, May 23, June 20, 2020

Learn More about the SE Summer Program

Sunday, February 16:

Age 4:
Registration time: 1:30PM
Audition time: 2:00-2:30PM

Age 5-6:
Registration time: 2:00PM
Audition time: 2:30-3:15PM

Age 7-8:
Registration time: 2:45PM
Audition time: 3:15-4:30PM

Age 9-10:
Registration time: 4:00PM
Audition time: 4:30-5:15PM

Age 11+:
Registration time: 4:30PM
Audition time: 5:15-6:00PM

Sunday, March 29:

Age 4:
Registration time: 12:30PM
Audition time: 1:00-1:30PM

Age 5-6:
Registration time: 12:30PM
Audition time: 1:00-1:45PM

Age 7-8:
Registration time: 1:00PM
Audition time: 1:30-2:15PM

Age 9-10:
Registration time: 1:15PM
Audition time: 1:45-2:30PM

Age 11+:
Registration time: 1:30PM
Audition time: 2:15-3:00PM

Saturday, May 23 and Saturday, June 20:

Age 4:
Registration time: 9:00AM
Audition time: 9:30-10:00AM

Age 5-6:
Registration time: 9:30AM
Audition time: 10:00-10:45AM

Age 7-8:
Registration time: 10:15AM
Audition time: 10:45-11:30AM

Age 9-10:
Registration time: 11:00AM
Audition time: 11:30AM-12:15PM

Age 11+, with no experience:
Registration time: 11:45AM
Audition time: 12:15-1:00PM

Age 11+, with experience:
Registration time: 11:45AM
Audition time: 12:15-1:15PM

About the Audition Process:

No experience is expected for ages 4-6. Evaluations for the youngest participants will be made on physical ability, coordination, and musicality by a team of faculty members.

What to expect: Students will participate in a technique class and be assessed according to technical ability and age-appropriate standards. Prior experience will also be taken into consideration.

Attire: Girls should wear a leotard, tights or white ankle socks (ages 4-6) and ballet shoes (students on pointe should bring pointe shoes). No skirts please or distracting embellishments.

Boys should wear black tights, a white t-shirt, and black or white shoes.

*However, if your child has never danced before, he/she may wear form-fitting clothing for the audition. It is important that our faculty be able to evaluate physical proportions.

Please remove all jewelry and be certain that the student’s hair is pulled away from his/her face and secured, preferably in a bun for girls.

For more information about these auditions, please contact Kayla DeShields, SE Campus School Manager.

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