NW Summer Programs

2024 NW Campus Summer Intensive Housing

For students registered in TWSB Summer Intensive and/or TWB Repertory Experience

To register for chaperoned housing, using the “housing” links in your acceptance email. Having trouble finding the links? Email: summer@washingtonballet.org

Chaperoned housing for both the 5-week Summer Intensive & the 1-week Repertory Experience at TWSB’s NW Campus will be at American University, just .6 mile from our studios at 3515 Wisconsin Ave. The safe and serene campus of AU provides all the amenities for our students’ comfort and rest. Chaperones organize and oversee optional weekend activities during the 5-week Summer Intensive; there is so much to see in DC!

Please read all the information below carefully — it will make planning your trip to Washington, DC for the Summer Intensive much easier!

Students attending the 5-week Summer Intensive:

Move-in to the dorms is Sunday, June 23rd. There will be a mandatory meeting for students on Sunday, June 23 from 5:30PM – 7:00PM with the Head Chaperone, all other chaperones, and the Summer Manager.  Parents are welcome to attend.
Detailed move-in times and instructions will be sent via email as the date nears.

Students ONLY attending the 1-week Repertory Experience:

Move-in to the dorms is Sunday, July 28th. There will be a mandatory meeting for students on Sunday, July 28 from 5:30PM – 7:00PM with the Head Chaperone, all other chaperones, and the Summer Manager. Students who have already been on campus for the 5-week program are not required to attend, but are strongly encouraged so they can meet their new peers. Parents are welcome to attend.
Detailed move-in times and instructions will be sent via email as the date nears.

TWSB Housing Forms & Waivers will be emailed to participants by April 1. Please complete all forms and waivers by May 1st. If a student withdraws, no housing refunds are available after June 1. 

If you are missing any information, or have further questions, please feel free to contact summer@washingtonballet.org. We are looking forward to a wonderful summer!

– TWSB Faculty & Staff



GETTING TO AU- 4400 Massachusetts Ave, NW, 20016-Cassell Hall 

Reagan National Airport is the closest airport and is accessible by metro and taxi. AU is less than a mile from Tenleytown/American University metro station (red line) and shuttle service is provided daily.

Drop off will be in front of the Cassell Hall building, our chaperones will be in TWSB tee shirts to help direct you.


Students will check into the Cassell Hall building on the American University campus on the Sunday prior to their program start day, time TBD. Enter at Glover Gate just off Massachusetts Ave.
There will be a mandatory meeting on move-in day from 5:30PM-7:00PM. Chaperones of TWSB Summer Intensive will greet the students in the lobby of the dormitory. Chaperones will give students their room keys, building access cards, and information about the surrounding areas. Students are responsible for the care and condition of their rooms. Rooms will be inventoried prior to the students’ arrival, and will be assessed for any damages between the time of arrival and the time of departure. Students with severely damaged rooms at the end of the program will be held responsible and charged accordingly.


Check out must occur by 11am the Saturday after the program is finished. This is Saturday, July 27th for students ONLY participating in the 5-week Summer Intensive, and Saturday, August 3rd for students participating in the 1-week Repertory Experience. Students attending both Summer Programs do NOT check-in/out between programs. There is a fee for late check-outs.

Upon Check-Out
All students must have their room inspected by a chaperone.

Students must place their keys and access cards in an envelope labeled with their name and room number and return them to a chaperone. Each student must return his/her access card and room key. Loss of cards and/or keys will result in a damage fee, to be paid immediately. Damage fees are non-refundable, regardless if keys are returned at a later date. 

Students leaving from TWSB performances must have their rooms inspected by one of the chaperones on the night before the performance.

Students checking out from the AU dorms after all performances are over must have their rooms inspected by a chaperone before leaving. They must also hand in their key and access card to a chaperone in a labeled envelope with their name and room number.

Summer-end performances will be held on the last Thursday and Friday of the Summer Intensive, and the last Friday of the Repertory Experience. Performances should finish no later than 6:00PM on Friday.

When students leave their assigned room, all personal property should be removed. The room and any furnishings should be left clean and in the same condition it was in when the students arrived.

Items left in a student’s room after the group’s departure shall be treated as abandoned property and disposed of by university staff members.



Students will be housed at American University at Cassell Hall dormitory.

Click on the link for Cassell Hall for floor plans, virtual tours, and more information.

Students will live in 2 or 3 bedroom suites. All bedrooms are double rooms. Suites have a shared bathroom, and a common area.

Students will be provided an in-room mini-fridge.

AU provides a linen package including: top and bottom bed sheets, blanket, pillow, pillow case and one towel. Feel free to bring personal bedding and other comfort items from home (teddy bears are welcome!) Mattresses are standard twin size.

All rooms are air conditioned with in-room temperature controls.

All rooms have Wifi

Rooms do not include kitchenettes but there is a stove, oven, sink and microwave in the common room kitchen for those who prefer to cook or just for evening popcorn munching with a movie!

Laundry is on each floor and students will use their swipe cards to operate washer and dryer. Swipe cards may be loaded on each floor, Chaperones will help guide our students in this process.

Students may NOT switch rooms or roommates for any reason.


Each student is issued a summer access card upon check-in to the residence hall. This card must be carried at all times; it provides access to the front entrance, elevators, and stairwells of the hall in which the group is staying. Lost keys will incur a $100 fee. Students should be sure to carry cards with them when doing laundry.


TWSB hires chaperones, 21 and older, to monitor, mentor and care for the students while attending TWSB Summer Intensive. Chaperones reside on the same floor as our students. The chaperones will be present at check-in to answer questions and concerns you may have. There will always be a chaperone present at TWSB or AU when students are at either location. In case of illness/injury, a chaperone will accompany the student to the doctor and/or to AU dorms. No student is allowed in the AU dormitory without a chaperone present. Chaperones make sure that the students have an enjoyable summer while being safe and secure in the nation’s capital. The Washington School of Ballet Chaperones will be the immediate point of contact for all students in the dorms.

Meet your 2024 Summer Intensive Chaperones Stay tuned!


TWSB does not offer a meal plan for the summer. If you would prefer to purchase the AU meal plan you may go to the AU website and sign up. It is not necessary to be on the meal plan, as students can pay as they go at the numerous eateries located on AU’s campus. There is a dining hall located in the Mary Graydon Center along with some of the other dining locations including a nearby Whole Foods (at the shuttle stop). It is our experience that the non-refundable meal plan is not the ideal choice, as students seem to prefer to purchase meals at Whole Foods which has a huge buffet.

Near TWSB, there are several lunch options such as: Giant Foods, CVS, Starbucks, Two Amy’s (Pizza), Raku (Sushi), Cactus Cantina (Mexican), Matchbox (Pizza), Heritage India, Silver Diner, Jettie’s (sandwiches/salads), Chipotle, Cava and more.

We suggest our students use a bank card from home for food purchases. Most students spend about $30 a day depending on quantity.


Students will not be able to receive mail at the dormitory

Mail should be sent to the following address:
Washington Ballet
STUDENT’S NAME (please make this clear)
3515 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016


  • Dance wear – See Summer Uniforms for details
  • Toiletries
  • Alarm clock (phone)
  • Cleaning supplies (counter wipes, paper towels, etc.)
  • Reading lamp/nightlight
  • Laundry detergent
  • Pilates/yoga mat
  • Blow dryer
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Toilet paper (AU provides a roll)
  • Sewing kit
  • Any cooking utensils/tools such as a plate, bowl and utensils, as well as a pot and pan if your dancer plans on cooking in the dorm’s common area kitchen.
  • Sponge and dish soap


Students and chaperones will take the AU shuttle from the dorms each day to Tenleytown where they will either board a #31 or 33 Metro bus as a group or walk as a group of at least 3. Students are not allowed to travel alone. All dorm students are given a pre-loaded bus card at check in. Chaperones will assist students if they need to reload their cards.  


The American University is located in uptown Washington D.C., in the Foxhall neighborhood. American University provides various security features in its residence halls and around campus to enhance the safety of its summer students. The University Police Department officers patrol campus on foot, on bike, and in cars. Officers are on duty 24 hours per day, and perform regularly scheduled rounds in all residence halls on campus.

Students can enhance these safety measures by presenting a hall access card and/or ID upon request, accompanying visitors at all times, and by not admitting anyone, not personally known, to the hall. Entry to the residence halls is restricted to summer students and other authorized members of the University community by use of access cards. Residence halls are also equipped with controlled access to stairwells and elevators. Students are strongly encouraged to take proper precaution with personal items, including locking room doors whenever they leave, to ensure the security of their valuables. Students should contact the chaperones regarding room lockouts.


Repair and maintenance requests are to be reported to the chaperones. Emergency work, which involves potential interruption of essential services or physical damage to student or University property, must be reported for immediate repair.

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