NW Campus – Main Building at 3515 Wisconsin Ave NW, Cathedral Commons, Van Ness

NW Parent Portal

NW Campus Schedules

Other Important NW Campus Information

For questions, please contact school@washingtonballet.org.


SE Campus – THEARC at 1901 Mississippi Ave SE

SE Parent Portal

SE Campus Schedules

Other Important SE Campus Information

For questions, please contact Kayla DeShields at kdeshields@washingtonballet.org or by calling 202-889-8150.


Inclement Weather Policy

In the case of inclement weather, families will be notified by email to the Primary Contact on your child’s account of any changes to the schedule or closings. Closing alerts will be posted on the Parent Portal.  TWSB does not follow DCPS.  An independent decision will be made by noon for afternoon classes Monday-Friday.  Parents will be emailed by 8:00a regarding Saturday closing due to inclement weather.  Please follow your best judgment regarding conditions in your neighborhood.  Safety is our primary concern.  Students will not be required to make up these classes. In Levels 3-8, students can make up classes following TWSB Class Make-Up policy if they choose.

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