Edwaard Liang


Choreography by Edwaard Liang

The work, commissioned by Houston Ballet, was inspired by the flight patterns of starlings, with hundreds of birds moving through the sky as one. Performed on a bare stage, Murmuration included various combinations of swooping, swirling dancers, from duets to a stage full. One sequence near the end of the piece, a cycle of intricate repeated patterns, was perhaps the single most exciting moment of the dance season. Set to Ezio Bosso’s Violin Concerto No. 1, “Esoconcerto,” Murmuration thrilled audiences, earning enthusiastic, lengthy and well-deserved standing ovations after every performance.

Inspired by the patterns of migrating starlings, Murmuration (which was made for Houston Ballet in 2013), creates a force field that commands you to look. Ezio Bosso’s music surges thick and fast, then suddenly thins out, creating an ebb and flow edged with danger. The flocking of Liang’s choreography frames four pas de deux that are rife with inventive lifts punctuated by tender gestures. One person’s head pushes up beneath a partner’s relaxed hand. There’s an animal comfort, a need for closeness, among these magical, nomadic creatures.

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Choreography by Edwaard Liang

Artistic Director Edwaard Liang’s original piece, “Seasons,” is a captivating exploration of the four seasons set to Max Richter’s recomposed “Four Seasons.” Liang’s choreography beautifully interprets the essence of each season, with spring embodying layers of joy, summer exuding passion and heat, autumn offering a sultry yet playful atmosphere, and winter delivering sheer intensity and chaos. Liang expresses gratitude for the opportunity to choreograph to Richter’s music, which resonates deeply with his soul. His work not only pays homage to Vivaldi’s original composition but also showcases Richter’s ability to capture the essence of each season. “Seasons” promises to be a remarkable and evocative performance that delights audiences with its depth and artistry.

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