April 28-May 1, 2022
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Giselle, the quintessential Romantic Era ballet, embodies fantasy, etherealism, and supernaturalism. This two-act ballet tells the tragic story of Giselle, a peasant girl, who falls for the charms of the deceitful Count Albrecht. When the truth is unveiled, Giselle dies of heartbreak. Deep in the forest, she rises from her grave and dances with the beautiful and irresistible Wilis. As the spirits of maidens who were wronged by their lovers, they take revenge in the night by compelling men to dance until they perish. In the end, Giselle not only saves Albrecht from the Wilis, she saves herself from becoming one of them.

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Julie Kent on Giselle:

As Victor and I celebrate our 6th season with The Washington Ballet, we are excited to revisit and refine our production of “Giselle” as our company and repertoire have evolved, grown and expanded over the last few years. Giselle, a classic, Romantic Era ballet, is an exquisite example of the power and timeless appeal of narrative dance. Since its premiere in 1841, Giselle’s poignant story of love, betrayal and forgiveness has captured the hearts of audiences across the globe.”



All performance casting is subject to change without notice.

Thursday, April 28 7:00PM Casting

Thursday, April 28 at 7:00PM

Giselle: Eun Won Lee
Albrecht: Gian Carlo Perez*
Hilarion: Oscar Sanchez*
Peasant Pas Lady: Tamako Miyazaki
Peasant Pas Man: Rench Soriano*
Myrtha: Adelaide Clauss*
Moyna: Samara Rittinger*
Zulma: Brittany Stone


Friday, April 29 7:00PM Casting

Friday, April 29 at 7:00PM

Giselle: Maki Onuki
Albrecht: Masanori Takiguchi*
Hilarion: Tamás Krizsa
Peasant Pas Lady: Stephanie Sorota*
Peasant Pas Man: Ariel Martinez*
Myrtha: Brittany Stone*
Moyna: Victoria Arrea*
Zulma: Stephanie Sorota


Saturday, April 30 2:00PM Casting

Saturday, April 30 at 2:00PM

Giselle: Ashley Murphy-Wilson*
Albrecht: Gian Carlo Perez
Hilarion: Oscar Sanchez
Peasant Pas Lady: Tamako Miyazaki
Peasant Pas Man: Rench Soriano
Myrtha: Audrey Malek*
Moyna: Adelaide Clauss
Zulma: Sarah Steele*


Saturday, April 30 7:00PM Casting

Saturday, April 30 at 7:00PM

Giselle: Ayano Kimura
Albrecht: Andile Ndlovu*
Hilarion: Ariel Martinez*
Peasant Pas Lady: Nicole Graniero
Peasant Pas Man: Lope Lim*
Myrtha: Adelaide Clauss
Moyna: Samara Rittinger
Zulma: Brittany Stone


Sunday, May 1 1:00PM Casting

Sunday, May 1 at 1:00PM

Giselle: Katherine Barkman**
Albrecht: Masanori Takiguchi
Hilarion: Daniel Roberge*
Peasant Pas Lady: Stephanie Sorota
Peasant Pas Man: Javier Morera*
Myrtha: Brittany Stone
Moyna: Victoria Arrea
Zulma: Stephanie Sorota

**TWB Debut!

Sunday, May 1 5:30PM Casting

Sunday, May 1 at 5:30PM

Giselle: Ayano Kimura
Albrecht: Andile Ndlovu
Hilarion: Ariel Martinez
Peasant Pas Lady: Alexa Torres*
Peasant Pas Man: Gilles Delellio*
Myrtha: Audrey Malek
Moyna: Adelaide Clauss
Zulma: Sarah Steele


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