Annual Fund Donors

The growth and survival of The Washington Ballet is not possible without the generous and continued support from Annual Fund Donors. Annual Fund Donors includes contributions given via Friends of TWB, Balletomane Society, dancer sponsorship, mission moment donations (during Annual Gala), performance sponsorship, production underwriting, board dues, and in-kind contributions.

To learn more about Annual Fund Donors, please contact Kristina Palmer.

Lists are updated each month and include contributions from the previous 365 days. 

The Washington Ballet would like to thank our current Annual Fund Donors.


Luanne Adams and Murrell Smith
The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Canadian National Railway
Cooley LLP
DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH)
Jean-Marie and Raul Fernandez
Meyer Kesner and Bernice G Kesner Foundation Inc
Jacqueline B. Mars
The U.S. Commission of Fine Arts

$50,000 – $99,999

Craft Media
Dallas Morse Coors Foundation for the Performing Arts
Betsy and Mike Keeley
The Honorable William McSweeny and Dorothy Pierce McSweeny
Barbara Rothkopf
Shubert Foundation
Total Wine & More
XMB Photography

$25,000 – $49,999

Sandy and David Berler
Bruce C. Douglas
Lisa Barry and James Gale

$10,000 – $24,999

Jamie Boucher
Jane Rosenthal Cafritz
Mary Challinor and Henry Richardson
CIVITAS Commercial Real Estate Services
The Alisann and Terry Collins Foundation
Cronin Communications – The Timothy Evan Owens Foundation
David DeSantis and Todd Malan
Emilia Ferrara
Susan Gehring
Mike and Jinny Goldstein
Brittany Toscano Gore and Albert Gore
Harman Family Foundation
Toni Harrington and Edward Sumner
Maureen Hinman and Dmitri Alperovitch
Heather Hughes
Lucas Kaempfer Foundation
Jody Katz and Jeffrey Gibbs
Kay Kendall and Jack Davies
Dianne and John Keppler
Janice Kim and Anthony Otten
Chris and Sara Lange
Myron Lehtman
Eve Lilley
Lugano Diamonds
The M&T Charitable Foundation
Max Mara
Mayor’s Office on African American Affairs
Michelle and Nelson Montes, Jr.
The Morningstar Foundation
Dr. Michael Olding
Valerie Parker and Peter Mellen
Eric S. Richter
Martha and John Schwieters
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Slimp, II
James A. Smailes
Toni Stifano and Marc Walton
Robert Craft Igor Stravinsky Foundation
Jennifer and Andrew Tulumello
Dena E. Wiggins
Patricia Wu and Marc Bacigalupo
Lowell and Deb Yoder

$5,000 – $9,999

Lily Abbin
Jane Adams and Scott Galupo
Connie and Nathan Briggs
Kate Costlow and John D’Amore
Christine Enemark and William Minor
Barbara Epstein Foundation
Fight For Children
Foster Family Foundation
Ashley Hall
Madelyn and Steve Harris
Glenda and Stephen Harvey
Hopkins Family in memory of Marilyn Hopkins
Abdol Hossein and Guitty Ejtemai Foundation
Beth and Charles Kohlhoss
Susan Korytkowski and Richard I. Knapp
The Mather
Bill and Anne McDow
David O’Connor
J.J. and Kristi Ong
Mark and Liz Ordan
Deborah and Arthur Page
Kwangwon Rhee
Randi and Jason Rosenberg
William Schilling
Dr. Linda Klieger Stillman and Dr. Robert Stillman
Annie Simonian Totah
Terry Tretter and Jeffrey Auerbach

$2,500 – $4,999

Anonymous (2)
Natanya and Scott Allan
Ileana E. Arroyo
Carol and Gary Berman
John R. Bolton and Gretchen S. Bolton
Julie and David Brown
Tom and Maureen Curley
Paul Divito
Elizabeth and Owen Donley
Kari and Frank Doorley
Maureen Doyle
Pat Feighan and Steve Zenczak
Lauri Fitz-Pegado
Wendy Frieman
Allen C. Haid and Sandra Cummins-Haid
Michele Hartlove and Dr. Dan Sherman
Frederic Harwood and Nedda di Montezemolo
Daniel Hong
Kevin and Alla Iaquinto
Johnson & Johnson
Jason Jordan and Christine Zink
Rick Kasten
Drs. Richard and Kathy Katz
Jackie S. Levinson
Maria Leyva
Heidi and Bill Maloni
Brian M. Malsberger
Susan and Frank Mars
Alison Martin
Roberta Killgore McInerney
Elvi Moore
Donovan Robinson and John Bauer
Lisa B. Spikell
Christine Waldmann
Linda and Steve Weitz
Dr. Brien Williams and Carol Anne Ruppel

$1,200 – $2,499

Nicole Baker
The Chiu Family
Susan and Christopher DeMuth
Phoebe Eliopoulos and Raymond Ciesinski
Rachel and Joseph Firschein
Kathryn Fricks
Rene and Marilyn Grace
Jane and Jeff Griffith
Edith Holiday and Terry Adamson
Gary and Kathryn Horlick
Sandra Joyce
Sandy and Pat Kimble
Iris Lipkowitz
Brad Minardi
Nepeni Foundation
Kirsten Peeler and Edward Nilqes
Dr. Mona Sarfaty and Dr. Jay Siegel
Michael and Debbra Schene
Christopher and Meredith Shields
Ed and Andy Smith
Southeast Releve Association
Peter E. Threadgill
Frederica and George Valanos
Matthew and Wilma Wald

$600 – $1,199

Mark Adams and Evelyn N. Farkzs
Greg Albright and Wes Combs
Nikki Arbiter & John Murphy
Lucille Barale Ceurvorst
Denise and David Barmak
Nan Beckley
Peter & Catherine Bishop
Dr. Charles Bolan and CAPT Hyejeong Bolan
Ximena and John Brunette
Toby and Nicola Bush
Susan and Dixon Butler
Teresa Carlson
Will Chu
Kimberly Churches
Jeff and Jacky Copeland
Maureen and Thomas Curley
Gordon Dale and Connie Carter
Thomas Daley
Nathan Daschle
Erin and François Drouin
Elizabeth Emerson
Sarah and Duncan Evans
Dr. Stanley and Ronna Foster
Raquel Fox
Gannett Foundation, Inc.
John Hardisty
Ryan Michael Hayes
Kerry Healey
Jacqueline and Alex Henry
Adam Hickey
Lori Jashinsky, in memory of Rory Schwartz
Susan Jashinsky and Paul Schwartz, in memory of Rory Schwartz
Clai Jorgensen
Debra Josefchak and Howard Goldman
Laura Knapp
Mary Kwak
Fena and Andy Macdonald
Catherine Martin
Joan McCarthy and Thomas Watson
Darina and Allan McKelvie
Dr. Sheree McManus
David Medina
Steven Mister
Suzanne and Yuichi Miyamoto
Olree Family Charitable Fund
Reinsch Pierce Family Foundation By Lola C. Reinsch
David Ross
Irene Roth
Helen Rothman
Eric and Shelly Rubin
William R. Seabrook
James Shepherd
Larry Sturgeon and John Matthews
Barbara and William Sullivan, in honor of Michael Olding
Tait Sye
Nickolai Talanin
Amy Belcher Turcotte
William Tuttle
Susan Walters

$360 – $599

Alexis Ahlstrom
Susanna Aquirre Hastings
Wallace Bailey
Nicholas Bauer and Elizabeth Vandenburg
Sabine Bayer
Ethan and Janet Booker
Ekaterina Brancato
Alison Brent
Richard Busch
Anne and Matthew Cafritz
Sean Cairncross and Emily Skor
Elena Carnevale
Tory Christensen and Andrew Raver
Nadine Cohodas
Adam and Jodi Daniel
Brendan Dignan
Indira Edwards
Behnaz Fardshisheh
Blair D. Fernau
Mary Candace Fowler and Robert Brookhiser
Genette Gaffney
Paul Gamble
Anne M. Guy
Elizabeth Hare
Susan Hight and Mike Ortmeier
Melane Hoffman
Autumn and Jay Hunter
Ryan Jenkins
Linda Kent
Arlene and Robert Kogod
James and Irene Koukios
Sarah Kyrouac
Aikojean Lane
Jessie Liu
Ronni Lodato and William Radlinski
Joanna London
Joan Lunney and William Idler
Marjana Martinic
Tracy McCarty
Robin Millican
Katherine Munroe
Rachel Pearson
Antonin Picou
Bob Pownall
Erin and David Stillwell
Radhi Thayu
Pauline C. Thompson
Anne Tsai Bennett
Daniel Valter
Bridget and Dustin Weiss
Katherine and Joseph Wright

$180 – $359

Robert Abele
Donald Adams and Ellen Maland
Terica Adams
Jacob Alter
Elliot Antokas
Gretchen Asmuth
James R. Beckers
Barbara Bentz
Anders Bering
Erica Bondarev Rapach
Kathy Borrus
Karla Brofft
Julie C. Van Camp
Christiane and Colin Buck
Lisa and Courtney Billington
Susan M. Crawford
Barbara and Dennis Conners
Aubrey DesPortes
Katherine Dewitt
Joan Dickson
Lois Dunlop
Maria Filipinas Naldo-Fontelo
Rachel Gottlieb
Ruth Gramlich
Tim Gribben
Jack E. Hairston, Jr.
Daniel Hamilton
Mariah Healy
Brooke Higdon
Horenstein-Johnson Charitable Giving Account
Jeremy Jarvis
Gabrielle Jones
Christine Keck
Joan Kennan
Ms. Helene Kenny
Sylvia Kihara and Roger Neill
Sharon Krengel
Christopher and Lauren Bourell
James and Leanne Boland
Sharon Libby
Chloe Little
Ann Loikow
Craig Ludwig
Karen Manna
Lindsay McAuliffe
Beth McCann
Catherine and Jason McElroy
Michael McKee
Noreen and Michael Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Grover L. Dunn
Karen Nelson
Ronald and Nan North
Dennis and Susan Papadopoulos
Jane Passman and Jack Moyer
Elizabeth Perry
Janet and John F. Powers
Amanda Radke
Robin Raphel
Kristina Rastaturina
Carolyn Reynolds and Joshua Mandell
Ann and Robert Haas
Phyllis Schene
Soody and Bernd Schneider
Ann and Stanley Degler
Paula Stober
Nancy Szalwinski
Susan and Patrick Tarr
Kelsey Taylor
Mary Grace and David Tillotson
Laurel Todd
Surekha and Manan Trivedi
Constance C. Watts
Katrina Weck
Christina Witsberger
Elaine Zuckerman

$60 – $179

Jean and Erika Bahnik
Ann V. Bailey
Stephen A. Baldi
Diana Berchiolli
Steve Betchkal
Anita Bizzotto
Michelle L. Brown
Pamela Campe
Victoria Chang
Derrick Chelliah
Maria Chiuchiolo
Beth Cohen
Peter M. and Susan Connolly
Linda Courie, in honor of Evonne and Robert Connolly
Victoria Weller Crawford and Irvin Crawford
Mary Ann Cronin
Kristin D’Andrea
Lawrence and Dolores D’Angelo
Lindsay Diedrich
Margaret Emerson, in honor of Mary Emerson Slimp
Ms. Patricia A. Falk
Mary L. Furman
Holly Furman
Laura Genero
David Godfrey
Glenda Goss
Eve Granatosky
Elisabeth Y. Han
Barbara A. Helmick
Austin and Sara Henry
Masaki Hidaka
Sandra C. Hinson
Catherine Hornback
Penelepe Hunt
Tarik Hussein
Theodore and Barbara Jonas
John and Tommie Kelley
David Kessler
Kristin Kiblinger
Alex and Joel Klein
Patricia and John Koskinen
Dreama Lampa
Nia Lizanna
Daniel and Maeva Marcus
Sarah McAvoy and Wael Haidar
Dorie and Jeffrey McGuiness
Kathy McGuire
Don and Jackie Meier
Kathy Milholland
Irene Miller
Meredith Milshtein
Molly Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. James Moyler IV
Donna Murray
Andrea O’Brien
Brian K. Owens
Shelley J. Parr
George and Nina Ragovis
Michael and Barbara Raizen
Kathryn Ray
Anthony Rickert and Andrea Foster
Ian Rubinstein
Sherry Sabol
Mark Sandoe
H. and Kathy Sommerkamp
Deborah Stein
Svrluga Family
Barbara Wanner
Franklin and Victoria Wassmer
Samantha Watts
Hillary Webber
Melinda Weir
Chris White
Thomas and Lauren Winkler
Lenore Winters
Robin Woodard
Robert Wood
Zhao-Ping Yu


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Institutional Supporters (Corporations/Foundations/Government)

The growth and survival of The Washington Ballet is not possible without the generous and continued support corporations and foundations. Through institutional support, TWB is able to maintain general operation and further our mission.

To learn more about Institutional Supporters, please contact Skylar Edwards.

Lists are updated each month and include contributions from the previous 365 days.

The Washington Ballet would like to thank our current Institutional Supporters.


Canadian National Railway
Chevy Chase Trust
Cooley LLP
Craft Media
Events DC
Freeport McMoRan
Graham Holdings Co.
Johnson & Johnson
Lugano Diamonds
The Mather
M&T Charitable Foundation
National Retail Federation
SOCO Events
Total Wine & More
Waldorf Astoria


William S. Abell Foundation
The Charles Engelhard Foundation
The Alisann and Terry Collins Foundation
The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Capital Group Co. Charitable Foundation
Crowell & Moring Foundation
Cronin Communications- The Timothy Evan Owens Foudation
Dallas Morse Coors Foundation for the Performing Arts
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
Delaney Family Fund
Barbara Epstein Foundation
The Lois & Richard England Family Foundation
Abdol Hossein and Guitty Ejtemai Foundation
Fight for Children
John Edward Fowler Memorial Foundation
Foster Family Foundation
Green Fund
Gannett Foundation, Inc.
Greater Washington Community Foundation
Henry Luce Foundation
Harman Family Foundation
Meyer Kesner and Bernice G Kesner Foundation Inc
Lucas Kaempfer Foundation
The Morningstar Foundation
Nepeni Foundation
Howard and Geraldine Polinger Family Foundation
RAST Foundation – Robert, Anna and Sophia Trone
Reinsch Pierce Family Foundation
Frederick D and Karen G Schaufeld Family Foundation
Share Fund
S&R Evermay
Robert Craft Igor Stravinsky Music Foundation, Inc.
Shubert Foundation
Southeast Releve Association
The Collis Warner Foundation


DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities
The National Capital Arts and Cultural Affairs program and the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts
Mayor’s Office on African American Affairs

The Washington Ballet is funded in part by the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, an agency supported by The National Endowment for the Arts.


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2024 Gala Sponsors

On April 26, 2024, The Washington Ballet held its Annual Gala at the National Building Museum. The event was Co-Chaired by Board members, Maureen Hinman and Patty Wu. We would like to thank all who sponsored our largest fundraising event of year.

To learn more about our Gala Sponsors, please contact Kristina Palmer.

The Washington Ballet would like to thank our 2024 Annual Gala Sponsors.

Monarch – $50,000

Fernandez Foundation

Chrysalis – $25,000

Luanne Adams and Murrell Smith
Abeer and Yousef Al Otaiba
Jamie Boucher
Maureen Hinman and Dmitri Alperovitch
Janice Kim and Michael Olding, MD
Jacqueline Badger Mars
National Retail Federation
Ronald and Mary Emerson Slimp
Total Wine & More
Mrs. Marion Rosenthal

Arthemis – $15,000

Abdol Hossein and Guitty Ejtemai Foundation
Eve A. Lilley

Heliconian – $10,000

Teresa Barger and Travis Brown
Lisa Barry and James Gale
Brae Blackley
Jane Rosenthal Cafritz
Mike and Jinny Goldstein
Glenda and Stephen Harvey
John and Dianne Keppler
Chris and Sara Lange
David Lashway and Katherine Silverthorne
Mark Lowham
Lugano Diamonds
David and Carrie Marriott
Joan McCarthy and Thomas Watson
RAST Foundation — Robert, Anna, and Sophia Trone
Martha and John Schwieters
Lisa and Chris Smith/WC Smith
S&R Evermay
Jennifer and Andrew Tulumello
Patricia Wu and Marc Bacigalupo

Viceroy – $5,000

The Honorable Ann Brown
Mary and Robert Haft
Johnson & Johnson
Betsy and Mike Keeley
Kay Kendall and Jack Davies
Madelyn and Steve Harris
KKR Global Institute
Gwendolyn Lohse and James Assey
Blake Neely
J.J. and Kristi Ong
Dena Wiggins

Painted Lady – $2,500

Jamie and Leanna Beaber
David and Sandy Berler
Timothy Bork
Connie and Nathan Briggs
Juliet and Ryan Brizek
Ximena and John Brunette
Cytec Solutions
Marilyn and William Dabaghi
Gordon Dale and Connie Carter
The Daschle Group
Dr. Paul Dlabal and Kathryn Dlabal
Erin and François Drouin
Phoebe Eliopoulos and Raymond Çiesinski
Celina and Mark Emery
Christine Enemark and William Minor
Pat Feighan and Steve Zenczak
Emilia Ferrara
Rachel and Joseph Firschein
Lauri Fitz-Pegado
Noel Greene
Heather Hughes
Ryan Jenkins
Ms. Sandra Joyce
Richard and Kathy Katz
Beth and Charles Kohlhoss
Susan Korytkowski and Richard I. Knapp
Kathie Legg and Rajib Chanda
Willee and Finlay Lewis
Joel Limerick
George and Kristen Lund
Dorothy and Bill McSweeny
Elvi Moore
Mt. Royal Printing Company
Carmen and Dennis Perkins
Ella Peters
Alice and Marques Peterson
Principal to Principal
Judy and John Ritz
Randi and Jason Rosenberg
Linda Roth
Paul Sherrill and Jose Solis Betancourt
James A. Smailes
Kay and Addison Smith
Sarah Stewart and Brian Crawford
Annie Simonian Totah

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2023 Nutcracker Tea Party Sponsors

On December 3, 2023 The Washington Ballet held the Nutcracker Tea Party at the Waldorf Astoria. The event was Co-Chaired by Ashley Bronczek and Randi Rosenberg. We would like to thank all who sponsored this magical event.

To learn more about our Nutcracker Tea Party Sponsors, please contact Jessica Rampulla.

The Washington Ballet would like to thank our 2023 Nutcracker Tea Party Sponsors. 

Nutcracker Sponsor – $25,000

Ashley and Matt Bronczek / Dream Finders Homes
Jean-Marie and Raul Fernandez

Clara Sponsor – $10,000

Luanne Adams & Murrell Smith
Jamie & Leanna Beaber
Jamie Boucher, Anna Ansaldo, & Leonora Ansaldo
Erin & Ali Fardshisheh
The Frost Group
Rachna & Nitin Goyal
Dawn Halfaker
Congressman Ro Khanna & Ritu Ahuja Khanna
Jaime & Greg Marcus
National Retail Federation
Randi & Jason Rosenberg
Jennifer Stiebel, SoCo Events
Jennifer Skalka Tulumello & Andrew Tulumello

Rat King Sponsor – $5,000

Mia & Tim Bass
Nancy & Alan Bubes ⁄ Washington Fine Properties
Molly Decker
Mark & Celina Bustamante Emery
Katherine Engelhard Pingree & Andrew Dick
Rachel & Ava Firschein
Betsy & Mike Keeley
Sara & Chris Lange
Catherine & Brian Kowalski
Karim Rahmoune & Hanane Lemlih
Michael Salzberg & Deborah Ratner Salzberg
Paul & Rachel Sheridan
The Thorpe & Sramek Family

Cherry Blossom Sponsor – $3,000

Dolores & Carlton Aldrich
Renee Aldrich
Christopher Angell & Jessica Hertz
Connie & Nathan Briggs
Cathleen Mary Brown
Emerson & Ashley Burke
Aimee Burck
Kristin & John Cecchi
Charlotte & Shane Crowley
Yolanda Friend
Nasim & Tripp Fussell
Brittany Toscano Gore
Dr. Shannon Green
Olga & Scott Jaeckel
Dana & Gemma Kilburn
Gwendolyn Lohse & James Assey
The Narang Family
Erin & Jonathan Phillips
Lauren & Rory Pillsbury
Julie & Ryan Sciullo
Jennifer Shoop | Magpie by Jen Shoop
Ronald N. Slimp, II & Mary Slimp
Dana Lee and Chris Tavlarides
Taylor Law PLLC
Tiana & John Tenet
Ralph & Bobbi Terkowitz
Total Wine & More
J. Cory Tull
Dena E. Wiggins

Toy Soldier Sponsor – $1,500

Active Play
Melanie & Mo Bawa
Elizabeth & Rick Costa
Charles DeSantis & David McDermott
Erin & Francois Drouin
Christina Duffy
Sondra Fein & Greg Epstein
Kathryn Fulton
Kelly & Evan Goldberg
Christina Gungoll Lepore
Alona Hapey & Gregory Thomas
Lisa & John Henderson
Jen & Ella Kavounas
Dr. Anita Kulkarni / DC Plastic Surgery Boutique
Alice Leiter
Kristen & Rose Lund
Jaynie & Stephen Lilley
Eve Lilley
Jacquelyn & Armani Mahoozi
Brian Maloney & Jennifer Young Maloney
Dixie Noonan
Lilia and Nazar Ostapenko
Candace Ourisman
Mary Margaret & Scott Plumridge
Maeve & Robert Rigler
Benjamin & Nicolle Rippeon
Judy & John Ritz
Lynn & Michael Rosenberg
Meredith & Jess Sharp
Lynn & Lee Wang
Laura Wolf

Supported In-Kind by: SOCO Events

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Board of Ambassadors

The Board of Ambassadors (BOA) is an exclusive network of key individual and corporate benefactors who support the ballet’s social and artistic mission through their advocacy and philanthropy. In this Giving Circle, ​members share a common goal of supporting TWB’s unique role as the ballet of the nation’s capital. With an annual contribution of $10,000, the BOA advances corporate citizenship and the role of the arts in society by providing a crucial networking platform between business, government, and philanthropists. To learn more email the BOA TWB Liaison, Leah Mae Aldridge.


Lisa Barry, Co-Chair
Glenda Harvey, Co-Chair
Jane Adams (Johnson&Johnson)
Rose Marie Bogley
Christopher Boutlier
The Honorable Ann Brown
Ximena Brunette (XMB Photography)
Staci Capuano
Lorraine Riffle Caron (Kimberly-Clark)
Kevin Chaffee
Rachel Firschein
Brittany Gore
Ashley Hall (Chevy Chase Trust)
Kay Kendall
Beth Kohlhoss
Joan McCarthy
J.J. Ong (Freeport-McMoRan)
Valerie Parker
Lisa Porter (Lugano Diamonds)
Annie Simonian Totah
David Woodruff (Canadian National Railway)

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