Distance Learning Resources

Distance Learning Resources

The Washington Ballet’s distance learning resources are designed to help classroom teachers and home-schooling parents explore the art of classical ballet with their students. The Washington Ballet aims to support families, teachers, and students by providing engaging digital educational content that inspires children to dance, move, and learn at home and share the joy and beauty of The Washington Ballet.

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Student Matinees

Student Matinees

Share the JOY of dance with your students!

Photo of The Nutcracker Student Matinee by Lauren Victor

The Washington Ballet’s Student Matinees are one-hour, curated performances designed to give students and teachers access to professional, classical ballet, and contemporary dance performances. They include a Q&A with TWB dancers after the performance to deepen students’ understanding of dance and foster an appreciation for our athletic art form.

All classes receive:

  • Reduced-price tickets
  • A pre-show workshop in your classroom to prepare students to see the ballet and deepen their understanding of the production
  • A curriculum guide for the ballet
  • A post-show discussion with the cast immediately following the performance

All DCPS and DCPCS Elementary Schools Receive:

  • Free Tickets and Transportation for 2nd – 5th grade class field trips
  • Benefits of seeing live dance performances

Studies have shown seeing live performances increase student’s ability to:

  • Playfully engage in learning
  • See situations in new ways
  • Relate past experiences to future events
  • Overcome adversity
  • Express original ideas

Excerpts from Children’s perceptions of live arts performances: A longitudinal study
Schiller, W. (2005). Children’s perceptions of live arts performances: A longitudinal study. Early Child Development and Care, 176(6), 543-552

Common Core English Language Arts Standards: Speaking & Listening

National Core Arts Standards

Photo by Lauren Victor

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DanceDC Residencies


DanceDC is an arts integration program that provides in-school workshops and residencies to Pre-k – 12th grades. The program’s goal is to use creative movement and dance to improve students’ academic achievement. Guided by the National Core Arts Standards for Dance, the program can be integrated into core subject classes including reading & literacy, math, science, social studies, and physical education. All our residencies will introduce students to the cultural history, music, and fundamental movements of the dance genre you choose. The goals of the DanceDC program are to enable students to: 

  • Develop their knowledge and appreciation for dance. 
  • Understand and retain core curriculum concepts 
  • Develop greater confidence and improve self-esteem.
  • Develop and strengthen collaboration skills.
  • Cultivate creativity
  • Improve their focus and self-discipline
  • Celebrate diverse cultures through dance and music 

Bring a DanceDC Residency to Your School – Digitally or Live!

As this unusual school year comes to an end, we are looking ahead to next year. Whether school begins in the classroom or online in the fall, The Washington Ballet can provide your school with a DanceDC Residency!

2020-21 DanceDC Residency Options

DanceDC On Demand
This newly designed, digital residency provides pre-recorded dance classes to elementary schools for 16 weeks! These fun dance lessons will get students moving and give them a strong foundation in dance. Each week’s lesson is 30–45-minutes and may be shared with up to two entire grade levels. Participants will begin by exploring the fundamentals of ballet and progress to other styles including jazz and modern. As students improve their coordination, flexibility, agility, and muscle strength, they will also develop an appreciation for classical ballet and its influence on modern dance styles. Supplemental materials to support further learning will also be provided.

You may choose from the following On Demand residencies or purchase all three:

  1. Intro to Dance for K – 1st Graders
  2. Intro to Dance for 2nd & 3rd Graders
  3. Intro to Dance for 4th & 5th Graders

Fee: $495 per age group or purchase all three for $1,188 and save 20%!

Digital DanceDC Live!
Infuse your curriculum with kinesthetic learning by incorporating dance into a core unit of study. Digital DanceDC is an eight-week residency featuring live 60-minute digital classes twice per week. Unlike our pre-recorded Dance on Demand residency, these classes will be interactive, customized to your students, and culminate with a digital performance. They will be taught by two TWB Teaching Artists so students can receive individual feedback as they develop their talent and skills.

This program is available for 2nd – 12th Grades with a maximum number of 35 students per residency.

Fee: $995

In-School DanceDC Residency
DanceDC is a seven-week arts integration program that provides 14 in-school dance classes to Pre-K – 12th Grade, culminating in a live performance. The program’s goal is to use creative movement and dance to improve students’ academic achievement. DanceDC in-school residencies cultivate creativity, social-emotional development, and a love for dance. They can be integrated into all core subject classes including literacy, math, science, social studies, and physical education.

Fee: $1,595 per class

Contact us today to start planning your 2020-21 residency!

Residency Descriptions

Residencies are customized to meet your curriculum goals and grade level standards. We recommend residencies meet twice a week for a minimum of seven weeks and culminate with a sharing or performance. However, we can design residencies to meet the needs of your students, curriculum, and budget.

Creative Movement Residency
Designed for Pre-K – 1st grade students, this residency will bring the joy of dance to your school day. Students will exercise creativity, imagination, rhythm, and motion while reinforcing curriculum content such as letters, numbers, colors, shapes, animals, environments, and social concepts like sharing and taking turns. Children will develop body awareness, increased strength, agility, and motor coordination while exploring characters and physical storytelling through guided improvisation.

Arts Integration Residencies (2nd – 5th grade)
Infuse your curriculum with kinesthetic learning by incorporating dance into a core unit of study. Our lesson plans are customized to meet your unit learning standards and the National Core Arts Standards for Dance. The residency will culminate with a dance performance inspired by the unit content and demonstrating the students’ understanding of dance techniques and the unit’s concepts. Common residency topics include: astronomy, weather, inspiring people, money, storytelling, heroes and villains, math and animals

Example Arts Integration Residencies:  

  • Fairy Tales
    Grades: 1st & 2nd
    Dance Genre: Creative Movement
    The Fairy Tale residency aims to explore the common elements of fairy tales and the variety of fairy tales all over the world. Combining dance, creative movement, and role playing with literacy skills, this residency will culminate with a performance of a fairy tale.
  • Heroes and Villains
    Grade: 2nd & 3rd
    Dance Genre: Classical Ballet
    In mythology, literature, comics, and films, heroes and villains entertain, enlighten, and educate us. During this residency, students will explore storytelling, heroism, and villainy through movement and dance. The residency will culminate with a dance performance of either a story the students have read in class or an original tale of heroes and villains created by the class.
  • Journey to Space
    Grades: 3rd – 5th
    Dance Genre: Contemporary Ballet
    Explore the world of outer space through movement and dance. This residency will ignite students imagination as they explore concepts such as gravity, orbits, lunar cycles, stars, constellations, and our universe. The residency will culminate with a dance performance that tells the story of their journey through space.
  • Dance Counts (Math)
    Grade: 2nd – 5th
    Dance Genre: Ballet or Urban Dance
    Counting, sequencing, composing shapes, and estimating lengths are all inherent to dancing. During our Dance Counts residencies, students will strengthen their math skills by exploring counting, addition, subtraction, sequencing, shapes, and measurements through movement. They will also reinforce these skills as they explore music, rhythm, and choreography.
  • The World of Dance Residencies (Grades 6th – 12th)
    Explore a variety of world cultures through their music and dance. Students will be introduced to the people, location, rhythms, music, and dance genres throughout the world. Dance genres you may choose from include:
    African Dance
    Classical Ballet
    Musical Theatre
    Latin Dance
    Indian Dance
    Middle Eastern Dance
    Urban Dance
  • Classical Ballet Residency
    Students will be introduced to the foundation of classical ballet technique at a developmentally appropriate level. Class begins with stretch and strength exercises. Classical ballet postures, positions, and movements are practiced in place, moving across the room and at a barre if available. Students will develop and strengthen gross-motor skills, coordination, balance, muscle strength, and confidence. Students will learn to collaborate as they memorize and perform dance sequences to a mix of modern and classical music.
  • Let’s Move! Residency
    Inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative, TWB’s Let’s Move! Residency aims to improve the physical well-being of students in our community by infusing dance and fitness workouts into their daily. Let’s move students train in a variety of strength and conditioning techniques. The residency is physically vigorous in an accepting and encouraging environment. Students will also learn about nutrition, making healthy eating choices, and the importance of moving every day.

Residency Requirements

  • We require a large, open space free of desks or tables for our classes. 
  • Ballet classes are most successful with a maximum of 25 students per Teaching Artist. 
  • TWB Teaching Artists are professional dancers and trained educators. 
  • We require a teacher, administrator, or program coordinator to partner with and to always be present during the residency. 


Workshop Fees are based on a $100 per hour rate per Teaching Artist.  

Residency Fees are based on a $100 per hour rate per Teaching Artist and a planning fee. The planning fee is determined by the size and length of the residency and the level of customization. It is important to us that this program be accessible to your students. We will work with you to meet your curriculum and budget needs while maximizing student impact.  

Payment Schedule: 50% of the fee is due in advance to secure the dates and commit the Teaching Artists/Dancers. This deposit must be received no later than two weeks before the first scheduled workshop. The remainder is due with two weeks of the final workshop, lecture demonstration, or culminating performance.  

DanceDC Merit Scholarships

The Washington ballet awards the DanceDC Merit Scholarship to DanceDC students in 2nd – 4th grades who demonstrate exceptional talent and potential for ballet. We do this to identify dancers from our community and invest in the development of their talent and love for ballet. Recipients of the DanceDC Merit Scholarship receive tuition for a full year of training at The Washington School of Ballet.

DanceDC School Partnerships:

  • Beers Elementary
  • Bishop Walker School for Boys
  • Bruce Monroe Elementary
  • KIPP DC Arts & Technology Academy
  • John Eaton Elementary
  • O. Wilson Elementary
  • Moten Elementary
  • Malcolm X Elementary
  • Randle Highlands Elementary
  • Smothers Elementary
  • The Washington School for Girls
  • Turner Elementary

If you would like to bring DanceDC to your school, please contact DeMoya Watson Brown, Community Engagement Manager

Contact Karen Shepherd, Deputy Director of Development, to learn how to sponsor a DanceDC residency.

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"Meet a Dancer" Lecture-Demonstrations

“Meet a Dancer” Lecture-Demonstrations

The Washington Ballet’s “Meet A Dancer” lecture-demonstrations are an opportunity for students to meet two professional ballet dancers in costume, see a short performance, and demystify the art form without leaving their school. These can be programmed as classroom visits or as an assembly, allowing for as many students to participate as your space allows. Students will discover what classical ballet is, what it’s like to train and work as a professional dancer, why they wear tutus, how those shoes work, and how they can learn to dance too.

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Our Teaching Philosophy

Our Teaching Philosophy

The Washington Ballet Teaching Artists are professional dancers and educators who create positive, dance education experiences and foster a love for dance by:

  • Believing everyone can learn to dance.
  • Creating inclusive learning environments wherein everyone is welcomed and accepted.
  • Demonstrating how dance is an athletic art form.
  • Imparting the knowledge and proper technique of our dance form.
  • Respecting and acknowledging the culture every dance form originates from.
  • Empowering students to discover their own artistic expression.
  • Developing greater confidence in students.
  • Giving students the opportunity to create, lead and perform.

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