Timea Presley

Timea Presley is a Pilates Teacher Trainer and Master Instructor with over 20 years of experience teaching and managing Pilates programs in the United States and Europe. She leads the Presley Pilates Comprehensive 500 hour Teacher Training Program and teaches Private Clients and seminars for Presley Pilates. She specializes in Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning, Injuries, and Special Populations and somatic awareness through Pilates.

Presley has taught courses at The Washington Ballet Summer Intensive, The Smithsonian Institute, The World Bank, The IMF, FBI Headquarters in Washington DC, and many other prestigious organizations.

She holds extensive certifications from STOTT Pilates, Polestar Pilates, Yoga (Shivananda tradition), and Barre, among others. Her STOTT Pilates certifications include all Pilates equipment at Advanced Level, Post Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist, Injuries and Special Populations, and more. Presley’svinvolvement in managing studios and Pilates programs started with founding and operating her own Pilates Studio in Berlin Germany. After her move to the US in 2005, she continued her work as Studio Director for DC Yoga; Pilates Director, Head Pilates Instructor and Mind Body Program Director for MINT Health Club & Studio in Washington DC (a TWB business partnership); and Founding Partner and Education Director of Presley Pilates.

Her professional movement career began as a Modern and Contemporary Dancer in Hungary and Germany, where she was first exposed to Pilates. Presley holds certifications from the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, Dance Academie Balance 1 Berlin and she studied at Freie Universität Berlin. Her training and coursework included Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Graham Technic, Cunningham Technic, Limon Technic, Folklore Dance, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinsesis and Alexander Technique.

Presley’s continuing education coursework has included Pilates Programming for Managing Osteoporosis and Scoliosis, Breast Cancer Rehab, Athletic Conditioning, Stabilization and Function of the Knee, Prenatal Pilates on Reformer, Cadillac and Stability Chair, Optimization of the Lumbopelvic Region, Optimization of the Shoulder Complex, Principles of Stabilization, Postural Analysis, The 5 Pilates Basic Principles Explained, Athletic Conditioning on Stability Cushions, Jumpboard Intervals, STOTT Pilates V2 Max Plus Programming, the Reformer and the Padded Platform Extender.

Furthermore, to study the mind-body connection and yogic lifestyle Presley lived in a Bhakti Yoga Ashram in Colorado and enjoys incorporating the practices she learned into her daily life.