Jennifer Archibald


Jennifer Archibald is a trailblazing choreographer known for her daring fusion of ballet with contemporary urban dance styles. As the founder and Artistic Director of the Arch Dance Company, and Program Director of ArchCore40 Dance Intensives, she has left an indelible mark on the dance world with her innovative approach to movement and storytelling.

A graduate of The Alvin Ailey School and the Maggie Flanigan Acting Conservatory, where she studied the Meisner Technique, Archibald’s career has spanned across the realms of ballet, contemporary dance, and commercial projects. Her choreographic repertoire includes works for prestigious institutions such as the Atlanta Ballet, Ailey II, Cincinnati Ballet, and many others. Notably, she was the first female Resident Choreographer in Cincinnati Ballet’s 40-year history, a testament to her groundbreaking contributions to the art form.

In 2024, Archibald is commissioned to create works for esteemed companies such as Smuin Ballet, BalletMet, and the Washington Ballet, where her visionary choreography promises to push the boundaries of traditional ballet. As the guest choreographer for Pathways to Performance Reframing the Narrative at the Kennedy Center, she continues to break new ground in the world of dance.

Archibald’s works have graced stages around the world, from New York’s City Center to Lincoln Center, and from Jacob’s Pillow Inside|Out Stage to Central Park’s Summerstage Mainstage. Her innovative Documentary Ballet format, rooted in historical narratives, has brought communities together through inclusive and communal projects, transcending the traditional confines of the stage.

A respected figure in the dance community, Archibald’s influence extends beyond her choreographic endeavors. She has served as a guest lecturer and artist at numerous universities and institutions worldwide, including Yale University, Columbia/Barnard College, and Fordham/Ailey, among others.

At the forefront of the contemporary ballet scene, Archibald continues to inspire audiences with her electrifying choreography that seamlessly blends classical precision with urban aesthetics. Her upcoming world premiere work for the Washington Ballet promises to be a groundbreaking exploration of uncharted rhythms, fusing Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop with the timeless beauty of ballet. Prepare to be captivated as Archibald leads us on an exhilarating journey into the unknown, guided by her visionary brilliance and unwavering commitment to artistic innovation.