A native of Brooklyn, NY, Chanel is a multifaceted artist whose work reflects her deep connection to the transformative power of the arts. As an entrepreneur, choreographer, director, and ARTivist she uses dance as a vehicle for social change and evolution towards a more diverse, just, and inclusive dance industry and society. Chanel is the Co-Founder of MOVE|NYC| – an arts and social justice organization with the mission of creating greater equity and diversity in the dance profession and beyond – as well as a Choreographer & Director creating new, provocative works that reflect the complexities of what it means to be human.

“Chanel is an artist that is driven by strong conceptual ideas which she then translates with lots of emotions. It makes her dances visually arresting and human. She is an intelligent woman and I love her activism for moving the art form forward and make it more inclusive. Her work colōrem is an ensemble piece that requires commitment and tight togetherness of the dancers.” – Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, curator for Beyond Boundaries

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