Andrey Maciano

Studio Company Dancer

Andrey Maciano, from São Vicente – SP Brazil, began his dancing at 7 years old with Balé Jovem de São Vicente. In 2017, Andrey participated in the YAGP Finals in New York and won the 2nd place in the pre category. In 2019, he went to YAGP Finals in New York and won 2nd place in the junior category. In 2020, he went to Tanzolymp a competition in Berlin, and he won 1st place with his variation and solo contemporary. In 2021, Andrey had the opportunity to participate in the Prix de Lausanne where he won the 3rd place among the seven prize winners. With this award, he was able to attend The Royal Ballet School in London with a full scholarship. Throughout the rest of 2021, he participated in the YAGP video edition and was awarded the Grand Prix Award.

Andrey joined The Royal Ballet School in 2021. On his 1st year training he had the opportunity performing on the Opera Holland Park stage as well as the Royal Opera House stage dancing, Pas de deux from Swan Lake and The Hungarian dance from Raymond. During the 2nd year of his training at the school he performed Darwin for the Lynn Seymour competition. For the summer performances at Opera Holland Park as well as on the Royal Opera House stage, he performed Fast Blue by Mikaela Polly, McMillan’s 1975 piece The Four Seasons and Bold by Goyo Monteiro.

Andrey joined The Washington Ballet Studio Company in 23/24 season. Through the season he had performed several pieces such a Downland Dances by Silas Farley, The Nutcracker, colōrem by Chanel da Silva as much more.

He’s excited to continue his training with TWB for the upcoming season 24/25.

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Favorite performance that you’ve been a part of?
Bold by Goyo Monteiro