For this Feature Friday, we’re chatting with TWB Company Dancer and Create in Place choreographer Tamás Krizsa! Tamás has been with TWB for 13 years and has created a number of beautiful pieces for the Company. Remember the stunning pas de deux that he danced with Maki Onuki (his wife) for the TWB Takes Center Stage Virtual Gala (photo above)? That was Tamás’ creation!

In the above video, Tamás chats alongside fellow dancer and wife, Maki Onuki, about the inspiration for his piece, Forbidden Endearment.

TWB: What is your piece about?

Tamás Krizsa (TK): My piece, Forbidden Endearment, is about a woman who Death has fallen in love with. Death is willing to wait because he has eternity!

A woman finds love, however, the guy must leave but he does so with the promise of return. Thinking of the happiness that lays in the future, the layers of her soul are visualized. This makes Death jealous. He can not wait any longer and decides to claim her. Interrupting the happy moment with tragedy when the servants of Death arrive. They think they have accomplished their mission but not quite so. We are transported to InBetween. She is not yet fully dead nor alive! Slowly trying to gather strength, because she knows she has somewhere else to be. However, she is too wounded for a journey back to life. At some point the guy returns only to find her lifeless, he tries to help her cross back to life and they have a final pleading for more time…”

TWB: What can the audience expect?

TK: “The piece is very condensed so the story moves very fast! It should be engaging from beginning to end without a dull moment. I paid extra care for musicality. The music drives the whole piece which is full of emotions. I feel like even if I don’t create a single step the audience will be blown away simply by the composition :)”

TWB: What was the inspiration for this piece?
TK: “Music was a huge part of the inspiration creating this piece. We got incredibly lucky that we have a chance to use Blake Neely’s music! Other inspirations are of course the dancers who I love and the mission Julie has set forth! I truly admire the path that was carved out just for us! So many people putting all their best foot forward which I find incredibly inspiring.: