The Washington School of Ballet’s own Anjali Pai, a PTP B student, recently participated in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) Student Visionaries of the Year Campaign (SVOY)SVOY is a groundbreaking philanthropic leadership development program for high school studentsEach year student leaders embark on a seven-week journey from January to March to raise funds in hopes of creating a world without blood cancersAnjali was selected as a team member for Team S.W.A.T 7.0 at her school, Georgetown Visitation.  The goal of the students is to raise awareness and funds for the fight against blood cancers over the course of the seven weeks.  Anjali’s team’s focus was on medical research and patient support for LLS.   

Since 1949, LLS has invested nearly $1.7 billion in groundbreaking research, working to find cures for blood cancers and ensure patients can have access to the lifesaving treatments they need. Through organizing fundraising events, securing corporate sponsorships, and sending out hundreds of emails and letters, Anjali and her team strove to achieve community-wide recognition and support.  Anjali was selected to attend the LLS gala on March 2nd for her fundraising efforts.  Individually, Anjali was one of five students to raise over $20,000 out of all the DMV student participants.  She raised over $22,000 and her team together raised over $70,000.  In total the DVM Student Visionaries of the Year campaign raised $1.9 million dollars.  Pictured below is Anjali at the gala.  

For anyone interested in donating to LLS can still do so on Anjali’s page.