On Monday, January 4, TWB Company Dancer Ashley Murphy-Wilson, in her sixth season with TWB, joined Kojo Nnamdi on his new fun WAMU show called ‘Kojo for Kids’ and answered questions from children. Ashley talked about getting over shyness, the science of pointe shoes, ballet as a career, how she stays physically and mentally healthy in a competitive field, and her advice for aspiring young dancers.

Ashley’s advice to young dancers who want to make dance a bigger part of their lives:

“I think it’s just super-important to find that passion. And whenever you have passion for something, it just, you know, exudes and emotes out of you. And so, in order to, you know, incorporate dance more into your life, just put on that music and dance like nobody’s watching. Because, you know, joy comes with the things that we love and the passion that we have for it. So, I think you’ve just got to dance.”

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