Over the weekend, the Washington Post published an article about TWB’s digital business model, our partnership with Marquee TV, and how we’re continuing to create art during the pandemic.

“[The Washington Ballet] really just went full force into doing a digital season,” says Kathleya Afanador, Marquee TV’s head of content. “They didn’t dally around and tiptoe around doing one production here, maybe one production next year — they really wanted to pivot completely into a full digital season. So that was one reason why we were so enthusiastic about this partnership.”

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Your unwavering support and encouragement have made our innovation and success possible! You, and all the generous supporters across the organization, have not only enabled us to adapt to our current reality and successfully pivot to digital programming, but have also empowered us to become pioneers in our field. While we can’t wait to return to the stage, we’re thrilled to continue to create and share our art with you. We hope you’ll take the time to read this wonderful article and take pride in your ballet company, the ballet company of the nation’s capital.