TWB Company Dancer Nardia Boodoo shares her pre-show warm-up with us to get us all moving and feeling good on #FeelGoodFriday. Grab a mat, a Theraband, and try out the exercises below!

It is super important for me to get into ‘The Zone’ before a Performance. I start with my make-up. I block out everyone in my dressing, put in my Air Pods, and cue up a beat playlist. As I apply my make-up, I usually think about the notes I received during the run-through and remind myself to apply them.

When I was a teenager I would get nervous about performing, My dad told me that I should develop an on-stage persona, similar to Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce. I always think back to that funny moment and it usually loosens me up. My dad’s jokes help me to control my excitement and occasional nerves.

Then, I throw on all my warm-ups on and head up to the stage or available studio space to start getting into my body. I start on my back with some breath work to connect to my deep abdominals and clear my mind. I use a Scolio-Pilates Mat series that my instructor and I developed ( I have a slight curve in my spine and this helps me correct it).  I incorporate Therabands for resistance, to help with my hypermobility and I don’t have to do as many reps. Afterward, I give myself a quick barre and center.

–Nardia Boodoo

I use a blue Theraband to warm up my ankles and intrinsic feet muscles


Articulating bridges to mobilize my spine and high hamstring and glutes


Side planks and clamshells to warm up my obliques, glutes, high hamstrings, and overall core muscles


I call this Theraband Port de bra. I’m very hypermobile, so adding light resistance helps me find my placement and uses the correct muscle groups


Theraband port de bra


Ballerina abs


I give myself a 45-minute barre and center