Our wonderful Jéte Society has been working especially hard over the last few months to help us share the stories of our dancers. They put together this amazing dancer-curated playlist on Spotify to help us all get inspired and get moving. Check it out!

View the Playlist!

1. Uptown Funk (Stephanie S.)
2. Dance Monkey (Gilles D.)
3. Muchacha (Oscar S.)
4. Slow Hands (Sarah S.)
5. Take on Me (Sona K.)
6. Malibu (Alex K.)
7. Love Me Like You Do (Nicole G.)
8. Bad Karma (Stephen N.)
9. September (Andrea A.)
10. Dog Days Are Over (Aurora M.)
11. One Love (Peyton A.)
12. Lose Control (Ashley M.)
13. Body Funk (Dan R.)
14. Ransom (Kateryna D.)
15. Clandestino (Olivia L.)
16. I Don’t Care (Tamako M.)
17. I’m Still Standing (Rafael B.)
18. Working For It (Oscar S.)
19. We’re Dancing (Ayano K.)
20. SBCNCSLY (Andile N.)
21. It’s Oh So Quiet (Lucy N.)
22. Shake It Out (Katherine B.)
23. Bad Child (Rench S.)
24. Go Loko (Kateryna D.)
25. Water Flow (Samara R.)

The Jeté Society of The Washington Ballet is a vibrant and engaged group of young professionals (21-40 years old) committed to supporting The Washington Ballet. Through the support of performances, fundraising, and volunteer initiatives, this dedicated group strives to expand and sustain interest in the ballet for future generations.

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