Chiara Valle joined The Washington Ballet as a trainee in 2016, starting at the same time that Julie Kent came on board as Artistic Director. Only a few months into her time at TWB, she started experiencing severe pain high up in her femur.

Chiara assumed that the pain was related to a dance injury, but scans showed she had a tumor. A noninvasive procedure relieved the pain, but it returned after a couple of months. She had the surgery again, and the pain once again returned.

After a year, Valle went for a second opinion at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in New York City. In February 2018 she received the diagnosis: Ewing sarcoma, a rare bone cancer.

View the videos below and read more about Chiara’s inspiring story of strength, perseverance, determination, and triumphant return to the studio and stage with The Washington Ballet.


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