Sofia Tsanova


Sofia Tsanova was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, to a family of principal dancers. Growing up in the National Ballet and Opera Theatre of Sofia, she watched rehearsals and performances and at the age of five, Tsanova started ballet classes at the pre-professional school of Maria Ilieva.

During her early years of dance education, Tsanova participated in some performances of the National Ballet and Opera Theatre and later after her acceptance into the National School for Dance Art, under the teaching of Katya Petrovska and Lyubov Fominih. In 1998, she was invited to perform the final ballet exams of graduating students from the National University of Performing Arts of Sofia.

In 2001, Tsanova and her mother moved to Seoul, South Korea and she studied at the Sunhwa Arts School – Ballet Division with Vera Solovyeva and Nikolay Levitsky as teachers, occasionally dancing and touring with the Universal Ballet Company. After a year in South Korea, Tsanova and her mother went back to Bulgaria and she continued her education at the National School for Dance Art. In 2004, Tsanova’s mother received an invitation to move to the United States, and since then Tsanova has studied and worked at the Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida, continued her studies with scholarship at the New World School of the Arts and later at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in DC.

Tsanova has been a guest a teacher at the Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet and has taught at a variety of ballet and related schools in the tri-state area for eight years.

Photo by XMB Photography.