Kristina Windom

Upper Division Head

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Kristina Windom trained with Mary Day, Robert Steele, Julio de Bittencourt, Patricia Berrend, and Suzanne Erlon at The Washington School of Ballet. At a very young age, she was invited to join The Washington Ballet, then under the artistic direction of Choo San Goh, performing repertory by many leading choreographers.

Ms. Windom’s early career success as a professional dancer with The Washington Ballet, Cleveland/San Jose Ballet, Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet, and various opera companies, has equipped her with the experience and knowledge to prepare dance students for multi-faceted futures. This is her sixteenth year as full-time faculty at The Washington School of Ballet where she has taught a range of levels from beginners to professional dancers of the company.

Upper division leadership at The Washington School of Ballet calls for a particular skill-set. Kristina Windom is dedicated to uncovering ballet technique processes which includes everyone and celebrates our unique gifts of movement. Growing up as a student of The Washington School of Ballet, Ms. Windom is in a position to foster and guide these inclusive principals while maintaining the love, rigor, and curiosity for the art of dance. She is a sought-after teacher, coach, and mentor, and is valued for her ability to refine students’ training while helping to develop their artistry. Ms. Windom has coached many of TWSB’s finest students who have received awards from Youth America Grand Prix and other national and international competitions. She is proud of her connections and continues her mentorship with TWSB alumni who pursue professional careers with other companies and/or who enroll in university degree programs.

Kristina Windom works closely and diligently with area wellness providers to offer TWSB families the most realistic and approachable goals in dance. Her somatic experience with Pilates, Gyrotonics, and with research movement specialist, Irene Dowd, has helped guide her to offer students a more holistic kinetic approach to movement. She believes all students of dance should have the best understanding of how their body structure works to empower their personal pathway to success.

Windom has a master’s degree in fine arts from the School of Dance at George Mason University in dance pedagogy where she has taught for the last seventeen years as an adjunct professor. She is a celebrated guest teacher around the country, bringing her emphasis on learning classical ballet with a strong approach of combining science and art.