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Daniel Roberge

DANIEL ROBERGE, of Australia, is in his third season with The Washington Ballet after one season with the Studio Company.  Mr. Roberge began his training at the age of 16 with the Marie Walton-Mahon Dance Academy and later with the National College of Dance in Australia under Marie Walton-Mahon. At the National College of Dance he received the Solo Seal Award (the highest Vocational Graded examination of the Royal Academy of Dance), and a Diploma in Dance Performance placing first in Choreography and Contemporary Dance. In 2009 Mr. Roberge was awarded the Silver Medal at the Genee International Ballet Competition in Singapore. He was a finalist in the Australian Institute of Classical Dance International Awards and the Youth America Grand Prix in 2008 and 2010.  He was a semi-finalist in the Alana Haines Australasian Awards 2009, in New Zealand. Mr. Roberge is also a recipient of the A.R.S. Musica Australis Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in Dance.