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Thursday, November 07, 2013

It’s been a whirlwind since before we even opened Giselle at the Kennedy Center! Our annual soirée with Jeté Society and Women’s Committee was dazzling and mysterious—our guests dressed for the occasion with AMAZING masks. Giselle was a beautiful success with graceful, ethereal, moving and emotional performances from ALL our amazing dancers. The opening night party hosted at District Commons was a remarkable evening where donors and special guests could mingle with our elated and hardworking dancers.

The Wilis in Giselle, Photo by Carol Pratt

The corps de ballet set the mood perfectly and the Washington Post says it best:

"From their first entrance, when they barrel onstage with a headlong run that calls to mind a charging bull, they project a mercilessness that helps build suspense. Each bourree strikes so intently against the floor, and each arabesque is so rigid and precise, that a feeling builds in the pit of your stomach: Surely such an unforgiving flock will never let these men live"

Unmask the Night Masquerade Soirée at The Homer Building. Lavish light shows, Studio Company dancing DIAMANT by Aaron Jackson and guests dancing the night away. Photos by Tony Brown, imijphoto.com

Unmask the Night Masquerade Soirée at The Homer Building, Photos by TWB Staff

Giselle Opening Night Party at District Commons. Remarks by Reggie Van Lee and me.  Photos by TWB Staff

Many thanks to Charla Genn for staging the choreography of Giselle with me, to Reggie Van Lee for underwriting a portion of Giselle, and to the dancers for their precision, grace and beauty. BRAVI!

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