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Sunday, January 24, 2010

5:30 PM:
premiered last night. Whew! What started out as a small project, evolved into a wonderfully complex and layered two-hour journey through episodes in Mozart’s life. The music/dance/theatre piece is filled with comedy and also tender heart-wrenching moments. My hands-down favorite section however, happens to be a naughty one: I choreographed a dance for five men about farting on each other (a first for me!). I grew up in a family of eight brothers and my older brothers developed a sort of scatological lingua-franca. In our family there was a hierarchy of humor and good-natured fraternal jabs, with farts reigning supreme. As adults, we still howl with laughter at sophomoric potty humor. I took some glee in passing this sensibility onto the young men of Studio Company and the audiences were along for the ride!

Kidding aside, our collaborators at The In Series, and Carla Hubner in particular, make for spectacular artistic partners, and the show is enjoying an amazing success. So much so, that we’ve extended the run and added one additional show on February 7th at 3pm (lbuy tickets).

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