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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

11 PM: I just got home from Tech rehearsal—things went well all things considered.

It was a seven-hour plow through a very complicated ballet, with multiple casts being rehearsed throughout, although mostly we focused on the cast featuring Maki Onuki and Brooklyn Mack as Kitri and Basilio—that cast premieres Friday night. We got through the whole ballet—barely. A few items hung us up: the Don Quixote dummy getting stuck on the blades of the windmill over and over, various bleed-throughs from one scene to the next, ensuring supers knew where they needed to be (the set features bridges 12 and 14 feet in the air, and the supernumeraries are mainly positioned up there. Not a role for the acrophobic.) We spent a delightful hour working with the cupids (a delightful corps de ballet of young girls who are students of our School—they appear in the vision scene when Don Quixote dreams of Dulcinea) and the puppet show—kids who dance as miniature versions of Kitri, Basilio, Gamache and Lorenzo to entertain Don Quixote.

I’m left excited about the show but also apprehensive. There are so many details and the production requires such technical prowess and verve, that if any one of the about 75 dancers involved lets their guard down for even a moment the production is diminished. Not to mention the fact that I have completely lost my voice—which is tough because of how important it is to communicate all notes to the dancers and crew—although somehow I think they are secretly relieved to have me shut up for a while.

So now it’s time to rest and regroup. Tomorrow I meet Anna-Marie Holmes and Lighting designed Jax Messenger to work on a cue to cue, dress rehearsal at 2:30, then at 8 it’s show time, folks.

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