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Monday, October 12, 2009

4:15 PM

I just got off the phone with Rui Huang, one of our dancers who is playing Kitri in Don Quixote. She just came from the orthopedist’s office with an update on her injury—she may have a stress fracture on her left shin and we’re hoping she can dance this week.

She is cast as the Queen of the Dryads (a very prominent solo role which requires a pure classical line and infinite control) on opening night, and the bravura lead in a subsequent cast, opposite Jared Nelson. The ballet is filled with difficult pirouettes and balances on the left leg, and the stress on Rui’s left side has been immense over the weeks. She’s doing an ibuprofen therapy (keeping the ibuprofen level in the body elevated for several days) and an MRI is needed.

Rui’s ascendancy as a ballerina has been remarkable.About four years ago our then School Director, Rebecca Wright, told me about a remarkable young Chinese student dancer she thought had real ballerina potential. Based on Becky’s recommendation, I invited Rui here for the summer. After seeing her in one class I invited her to join our Studio Company. Her talent was immediately evident—she is blessed with a beautiful pure classical line and a wonderful femininity, but her dancing also seems quite modern and fresh. She skipped both a second year as a Studio Company member and a second year as an apprentice, both of which are usual steps to go through before moving into the company. Early on we cast her in the important role of Sugar Plum Fairy (on the suggestion of Jared Nelson) and then this spring she tackled the role of Wendy in Peter Pan. Both Queen of the Dryads and Kitri will be additional notches in her repertoire belt. It’s great to be young, talented and have bright lights ahead of you!

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