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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Hello TWB Family,

I hope the New Year is bringing you much joy and, most of all, excited anticipation for our upcoming production L’Amour (love, baby…). The company artists are enthusiastic about performing these new works about the many aspects of love, especially the vibrantly expressive world premiere of Amy Seiwert’s Under Covers. With that in mind, I’ve invited Amy to write a guest blog about her creative process and motivation behind the construction of Under Covers.

Amy Seiwert on Under Covers

When Septime approached me about doing a new work, he expressed it would be part of the L'Amour program and encouraged me to explore the theme of love. Fortunately, I was getting married in less than a month, so love was on my mind. As an (ahem) older bride, I'd been reflecting on some of my past relationships. It's been said you never love the same way twice. Some rich and satisfying relationships don't last forever, and some of us aren't ready to find our partners right out of college. My past and future were both on my mind when I started researching music for this piece.

So I turned to love songs. But it seemed a little obvious to me, so I was hesitant. In the car one night, Nirvana's cover of David Bowie's Man Who Sold the World came on the radio. I know, not a love song, but I realized I have a true love of cover songs. Often in our collective consciousness we have one association with a song - and when that interpretation is different, it can make us hear different aspects of the music in new ways. A cover song offers both an immediate access point and a challenge at hearing it fresh. A listener is both nostalgic for the past association and surprised by the new interpretation. These two seemingly conflicting responses are interesting to me.

To read more about the artist CLICK HERE

Editor’s Note – See how Ms. Seiwert incorporates her love of cover songs, especially ones about romance, in her upcoming work, Under Covers, opening as part of L’Amour (love, baby…) at the Harman Center on that special day of love, Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2013

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