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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

11:30 PM: Today was tech day for The Great Gatsby…I almost shot myself.

Because this production is so complex (there are 21 “fly maneuvers” in Act I alone), the day was extremely long. We somehow got through it all –12 scenes, 160 light cues and about 40 songs, although it took us seven hours instead of six. Still, this was still a feat considering we encountered every conceivable problem known to man. Just a few examples:

- In one scene, it’s supposed to rain money. During rehearsal today, it poured money…and it wouldn’t stop. This sounds nice, except sadly, the money is fake…

- Our floral arrangements in Act I toppled over.

- The hydraulic pit malfunctioned.

- In Act I, Myrtle’s phone booth entered the stage instead of Daisy’s couch (Though it would have been interesting to see the four dancers attempt their couch dance in a phone booth…)

Eventually, we made it through the whole piece, and I have time for one cold Mexican beer before it’s time to turn in. I’ll be up early for an 8AM meeting, and there is no time to waste…Wish me luck!


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