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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

3 PM:
It’s intermission during Gatsby dress rehearsal, and I’m relieved that things are going so much better today. Highlights include:

- The spine-tingling rapport evolving between Elizabeth Gaither and Jared Nelson.

- E. Faye Butler belting out Jazz Era tunes like a trumpet heralding in each scene. (Her raw technique is quite simply jaw-dropping.)

-Will Gartshore’s soulful interpretation of Nick Caraway…His chic vocal styling makes him sound like 1920’s radio host.

Now I’ve got to do a quick interview with The Washington Post. (Sports section writers are doing an interesting piece about my golf scene starring Jade Payette (Jordan Baker) and Jonathan Jordan (Nick Caraway) -- Look for it soon!)

Then...it’s on to Act II!


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