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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Damn I’m sore as hell. 

I don’t know if I can keep up this schedule—things are really heating up at the studio—although the work is really rewarding.  I’ve got my feet up, I’m drinking a cold Mexican beer (Negra Modelo—I’m brand-loyal)  and pining for my summer.  I had four particularly great experiences this summer.  I began practicing yoga pretty seriously about two years ago and have been focusing on the Ashtanga style.  It’s a particularly vigorous type of yoga most usually practiced at 6:00 or 6:30 in the morning.  My Cuban blood makes me constitutionally resistant to the early morning yoga thing (not to mention a couple of cold Mexican beers the night before.)  But I soldier on. 

The four great experiences: 1) In June, I took a ten-day workshop with famed Ashtanga teacher David Swenson and his wife Shelley Washington (who was a long-time Twyla Tharp dancer and someone I’ve known since my early ballet dancer days in New York).  It was an amazing week and a half.  2) From there I traveled to Tulum, Mexico in the Yucutan Penninsula.  Friends and family rented a house on the beach and I practiced yoga, read on the beach, and refueled (cold Mexican beer in hand of course…).  3) In August ,I was in Honolulu for three weeks staging Peter Pan for Ballet Hawaii—they had hired some of our dancers including Corey Landolt, Tamas Krizsa, Norton Fantinel and Dustin Shane, which was fun for them.  What an amazing place!  And my daily schedule was pretty dreamy: Ashtanga from 7-8:30; surfing from 10-11; rehearsals from 1-7; dinner and a CMB (ummmm, you can guess what brand); sleep; repeat.  4) I reluctantly got on that return flight to DC, but returned to an interesting project.  I had a week-long residency at Goucher College in Baltimore where I re-staged my ballet D-Construction, set to a John Cage score.  This was a delight—D-Con is the first ballet I ever choreographed, and I had not revisited it in many years.  It was originally choreographed for four very athletic male dancers, and I re-staged it on six female dancers.  They were in for a shock, because it’s a really tough ballet to dance, but they are up for the challenge.  It premieres at Goucher in November and it’ll be nice to see it on stage again.  Ooops, my CMB’s empty.  I guess it’s bed time.


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