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Friday, February 05, 2010

Despite the threat of “snowpocalypse,” we are hard at work today on both 2010.2011 Season planning and creating Act II dances forThe Great Gatsby. This is not the first time I’ve found myself split between present and future, forgetting what year I’m currently in and wondering how it will all get done. Somehow, it always does.

We were in the office bright and early, looking over hundreds of photos from last week’s 10.11 season photo shoot. They are breathtaking, or rather I should say, our company artists are breathtaking. At first glance, almost every photo looks like a “winner,” but as we zoom in, examining each facial expression, foot, hand and muscle, we notice nuances that make some photos far superior to others. We also consider what photos will “sell” – which ones will work well for the brochure and how they can be modified for print ads. We barely got through 50 before I was called into another meeting and subsequent rehearsals. David Palmer and I will attempt to get through the rest, and then they’ll need to be approved by dancers before finally getting into the hands of Design Army (our brochure designer). Meanwhile, our marketing folks work on crafting copy for the brochure, and try desperately to keep me on schedule (not an easy task, as you can imagine!)

Gatsby continues to make progress every day (today’s highlights include Daisy and Gatsby’s frankly sexual pas in Act II, an hilarious maids dance, and a brutal duet between the tussling George and Myrtle). I’m looking forward to presenting some of the more finished parts at Monday’s inthewings (click here for more information), and the following week’s beerandballet and open rehearsal (click here for more information). The dancers breathe new life into old, familiar characters, and I can’t wait to see them perform alongside the musicians we have lined-up. I hope you’re planning on joining us for this special production… Click here to secure your seats now!


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